12 x 2.0 3/8 25mm needle Vicryl Suture Pack

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Sigma Lance Suture Packs - 75cm
6 FREE disposable sharps pads per box

Brand new, high quality purple vicryl absorbable, Gamma radiation sterilised, in date, sealed, box included.

Extra long and durable 75cm sutures for extended use/practice.

Each box includes 12 sutures of one type + 6 free disposable sharps pads.

Unanimous excellent feedback! Quality you can rely on every time.

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    Please note: These sutures are the highest surgical grade quality, brand new, gamma sterilised and ready for theatre. However, they are being sold as an adjunct to Sigma Lance's Training Kits - Legacy, Infinity and Nexus, and thus we are selling them to be used for training purposes only.

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