EDGE MK IV - Pre-Cut, Great Value System

Brand new for 2019, improved on older spec models with Sigma Lance's dual mesh reinforcement to further resist wear and tear after repeat practice.


Pre-cut wounds of all designs gives the user ample practice without the need for scalpel blades.


Comes with a non slip base.


Also included are Sigma Lance's professional theatre grade autoclavable and mirror polished instruments that will last a lifetime of practice.

  • Technical information

    EDGE Kit contains the 180mm x 120mm skin model

    BRAND NEW DUAL MESH REINFORCEMENT LATEST 2019 Skin model gives higher resistance to wear and tear.

    No other competitor models of this type have our dual mesh system, they use single mesh - see pictures.

    Mayo Theatre Straight Needle Holder

    Toothed Forceps

    Non-toothed Forceps

    Suture scissors

    Secure scalpel safety cover

    Leather Instrument Zip Case

    A pair of surgical rubber gloves (Large)

    TWELVE x 75cm sterilized Sutures

    TWELVE x sharps pads for safe sharps disposal.

    Full colour suturing guide with core information on suturing.

    Sturdy storage delivery box


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