Premium Master Cardiology Stethoscope - CLINICAL BLACK

Sigma Lance's Professional Medical Stethoscope in Clinical Black

Cardiology grade tunable diaphragm and thickened tubing to ensure the transmission of even the most discreet of sounds.

This stethoscope makes the perfect stethoscope for medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Also serves as the perfect backup stethoscope if you've lost or left your Littmann at home, or as a secondary scope for clinics and mobile kits

Each instrument is quality tested by fully qualified physicians - ensuring you are getting exactly what you need to practice your skills and perform on the front line.

High quality materials ensures clear and crisp auscultation at all times.

Made from the highest quality, easily sterilisable materials.

Lightweight and highly flexible.


  • Details

    This stethoscope also includes the following accessories: 2 x standard replacement earpieces 2 x small replacement earpieces 1 x replacement diaprhagm 1 x accessories storage container 1 x storage / display box 


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