Sigma Lance VISION Ophthalmoscope / Otoscope premium set

  • ✔️ DESIGNED BY DOCTORS: Developed by Sigma Lance's NHS trained physicians to ensure you have exactly what you need to perform your skills. With our goal to produce the highest quality set packed with the latest technology and features at prices previously unseen on today's market.
  • ✔️ FULL FUNCTIONALITY: Included in the kit is are the highest quality Fibre-optic Otoscope, Opthalmoscope and Orophangeal head attachments. Your one stop-shop for ENT examination in the emergency, primary care and community setting! Made from dense, durable and easily sterilisable polyethylene materials with professional lazer etched logos.
  • ✔️ AFFORDABLE DISPOSABLES AND REPLACEMENT PARTS: High quality but affordable disposable accessories. Both the 2.5mm and 4mm VISION ear specula the highest quality but also extremely affordable. Professional highly durable travel case to protect your instruments during travel. Low cost replacement high quality bulbs are finally a reality in a high end diagnostic set.
  • ✔️ 2 YEAR WARRANTY FREE: We are so confident in the build quality of the Sigma Lance VISION set, it comes with a free 2 year free return-to-UK-base warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed and free returns! With Sigma Lance VISION series, experience PRECISION, INTUITION and QUALITY. CE Marked and complies with EC standards 93/42/EEC.
  • ✔️ CUTTING EDGE DESIGN: Unique digital display with essential information we always wish we had! Battery life indicator, Illumination setting, auto-power off after 3 mins to prevent premature battery discharge! Ophthalmoscope includes a -20d to +20d optical range, BLUE filter for use with flouresceine eye stain test for corneal damage or foreign body. Otoscope head utilises the very latest fibre-optic technology + superbright 3200k colour temperature LED bulbs with a life rating of 20K hrs.
  • Technical Information

    Set contents:


    1 x Battery Handle

    1 x Otoscope head attachment

    1 x Ophthalmoscope head attachment

    1 x LED oropharyngeal mirror

    8 x ear specula

    1 x travel case

    1 x warranty card


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